Amping up for Spring cleaning

Filling trash bags and keeping only what is useful and necessary seems like such a task on hand. Last week I spend some time cleaning the house working on a few bags of trash when I came across a few old Panasonic mic’s, a tira, some brand new laundry baskets and some family photos. Such a slow process, it seems like it is a never ending project that will always over run my life. Small gems of my family history mixed with old magazine garbage, having to mill though every little item just to make sure I’m not trashing and losing what little I have of my family. My mother the Hoarder is questionable, her metal ability is slowly failing her . As a young adult I’m not sure what to do or how to do it but I’ll try my best to make her life a little better even though it seems like she is only happy when she is in her own mess of hoarder piles.

The after matter of eight trash bags

The after matter of eight trash bags

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